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About Lanzarote

How can one begin to describe the marvel that is Lanzarote? This island stands out as a unique masterpiece, unlike anything else on our planet. The locals quip, "God forgot about Lanzarote on the seventh day of creation," a nod to its otherworldly terrain that seems to defy earthly origins. Part of the Canary Islands archipelago and lying a mere 125 km from the African shores of the Sahara, Lanzarote is the most easterly of the isles.
Spanning 60 km in length and 20 km in width, it ranks as the fourth largest of the cluster. The island's surface, predominantly covered with ash and lava, resembles a moonscape more than any terrestrial landscape. Having endured and risen from multiple volcanic eruptions, Lanzarote now wears its bizarre and breathtaking scenery as a badge of honour, offering some of the most surreal and starkly beautiful vistas imaginable.


300 sunny days
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Island Tours

Grand Tour
Our Grand Tour is the best opportunity for you to get to know the island in one day, or to go through it in a rhythm convenient for you by breaking it into segments. The excursion will start automatically in the same place, where it ended. You will have the opportunity to get to know the island and visit the most famous sights, while you can do this at a pace convenient for you.
North Tour
The north Lanzarote tour is half of the Grand Tour and runs along the northern part of the island. This tour is for those who may have already visited the southern part of the island or do not have much time available and want to pay special attention to the works and activities of the unique person, thanks to whom you can recognize all the splendor of this island, Caesar Manrique.
South Tour
The South Tour around Lanzarote is a half of the Grand Tour and it covers the southern part of the island. The South Tour is for those who may already be familiar with the northern part of the island or haven’t got much time left and want to visit one of the main attractions of the island, the Timanfaya National Park.
Go on a captivating journey around the island with the unique author's audiobook. You don't have to go anywhere - listen to interesting stories about local attractions, traditions, cultural features, the history of the island and so much more, whilst laying on your comfortable sofa, jogging or cooking food. Explore Lanzarote from anywhere in the world.