Lanzarote Tours

Choose your freedom of traveling the island. Spend your holiday however you want, wherever you want. Let us be your guide on your Lanzarote trips.
picture Grand Tour
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Grand Tour

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North Tour
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South Tour
59 storytelling points
9 sights
3 languages
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South Tour

23 storytelling points
4 sights
3 languages
picture North Tour
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North Tour

36 storytelling points
5 sights
3 languages

Audio Book

This book can serve as good preparation for your upcoming trip to Lanzarote, or you can enjoy it after your holiday, in a peaceful setting, to dive back into the magical world of the island.
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Virtual Tour

125 storytelling points
171 min audio
3 languages

About the tours

Use our audio tours to discover the unique island of Lanzarote. We are sure that afterwards you will want to come back here again and use the information you have learned. You don't have to rush anywhere, you are the master of the situation and you decide at what rhythm you want to see the island and what sights you want to visit. We've chosen music that matches the mood of each chapter, to immerse you even deeper into the magical world of the island. If you enjoyed the tour, we suggest you download the audiobook, which includes the information of the grand tour and more. For example, information about Playa Blanca, Famara, Arrecife and many other interesting places. This island deserves it, for you to learn more about it.